The workshop is the heart of diploma engineering curriculum in general and practically to mechanical engineering discipline. Workshop is the core of learning about different Materials, equipment, tools and manufacturing practices that are observed in different manufacturing functions and operations.Here the students are exposed to various manufacturing processes with critical study to process parameters as such it is utmost essential to upgrade the facilities in this area where by training students to the level directly useful to present industries. Further to take up industrial product development & increase industry- institute interaction workshop facilities plays a vital role Central workshop, a core unit of Kirodimal Government Polytechnic, Raigarh established in 1956. The workshop has enough space, sophisticated machines and tools for performing various practical. A basic and required essential training as per curriculam in the workshop satisfies the degree requirement for diploma engineering during their first or second semester. Practical classes are also conducted with the help of trained faculty & staff in various shops. The renovation and up-gradation work has started to meet out the present scenario requirement. The workshop undertakes regular maintenance activities such as electrical, welding, carpentry for institute, hostels, staff quarters, staff cabins and laboratories of the various departments. The electric and water supply including diesel generator supply is provided by the department including inventory control for institute maintenance work.

Central Workshop has following shops:
Machine Shop
Foundry Shop
Fitting Shop
Welding Shop
Carpentry Shop
Turning Shop
Sheet Metal Shop
Black Smithy Shop