College offers hostel accommodation for both girls and boys. It present it can accommodate up to 150 boys and 100 girls. Admission in the hostel is subjected to admission in the college and availability of accommodation. Admission shall be on the basis of merit and reservation. There are separate hostel for first year students. The fees structure is presently is presented below:

S.No. Hostel Fees
1. Girls 5000/-
2. Boys 5000/-

1. Above mention is per year hostel fee structure.
2. Caution money of 2000/-will be charged extra. Caution money is refundable.
Facilities in hostel:
1. Water cooler in every hostel
2. Mess facilities for girl’s hostel.
3. Sweeper cleans the hostel everyday
4. Each room in every hostel has a chair, a study table, a cot, a fan and lights
5. Security guards are available for each hostels.